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Our Digital Future: The National Broadband Plan And You

Panel: Tim Ruder (Perfect Market Inc), Nadya Direkova (Google), Chris Bishop (PBS Kids Interactive), Dan Willis (Sapient)

Imagineering a look at the future five years from now.

Why would I want another device strapped to my wrist? Can’t my mobile be the interface?

My bathroom won’t be digitized? It already is with the Withings scale. How long until the toothbrush has built-in gaming. cf, ______.

WIll people have data shelters in the future? A sort of Faraday cage where no data can get in our out? Like a safe room from the invasion of the Internetz?

I don’t want to look at my fridge for data. That’s always seemed lame and stupid. I bought a top of the line Cusinart toaster oven and it broke on the first day. Do you think appliance manufacturers will do a good job of software/hardware integration? Out source that to Microsoft, a la Ford/Chevy Sync?

The best way to think about what five years into the future will look like is to look five years in the past? What were the tech and social issues of 2005?

Someone on the panel got jiggy with the photoshop.

The panel predicts that the future will be full of gadgets for privileged white people.

PBSKids will be augmented reality in five years.

Five years from now, PBSKids will look like a Cory Doctorow novel.

People freak out when the government takes your DNA profile. I don’t think people will be willingly handing it out to restaurants.

Here are some other predictions from other places around the Net:





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